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How to send SMS on AgamSMS.com

  • To send SMS using our platform, kindly follow these steps;
  1. Login to our website (agamsms.com) using your username and password.
  2. Once logged in, you would be directed to your SMS account dashboard. 
  3. Click “Compose SMS” to access your SMS notepad.
  4. SMS Dashboard
  5. There are 3 input fields on your SMS notepad; “Sender Id”, “Destination Numbers”, “MessageCompose SMS Blank
  6. Fill in your desired sender id in “Sender ID” input filled. A sender id is simply the name that appears on SMS recipients phone as sender of message.
  7. Type in recipient phone number(s) separated with a comma in “Destination Numbers” field. [See how to upload bulk phone numbers]
  8. Type message in “Message” box and click “Send” button below.Compose SMS Text
  • It is advised that you proof read messages before sending.
  • Please note: Badly formatted and Repeated Nigerian phone numbers would automatically be detected, corrected and repeated numbers sorted.